Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The "Climate Change"/"Global Warming" dilemma

As is usually the case with most subjects, there, likewise, seems to be only two antithetical viewpoints allowed when it comes to the controversy surrounding "climate change".  In this case, either one believes it is real and is caused by man-made pollution and the toxic byproducts of such---or one thinks it is a propaganda hoax, and that the concerns are blown out of proportion, and that the earth is simply "going through another one of its 'natural cycles'".

As with most subject matters there seems to be no room for a third view, or for any others beyond.
Frankly, my personal view is that, taking the concept of "cause and effect" into consideration, it's most likely a combination of those factors, and probably even more.

What if, let's say, the main cause of global warming might be something happening within the earth itself?  Maybe a massive build-up of magma within the deep core of the planet itself, eventually bubbling up to the point of producing a humongous global eruption?

However, assembling a group of nonpartisan open-minded scientists who would be willing to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter without being hampered by politics, special interests, and "obligation to" cater to popular dogmas first and foremost, seems quite improbable at present.
Not altogether impossible----just highly unlikely.

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