Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are you aware...

...that the only area the world's made any progress in within the last 20 years...
               that of digital technology?

All other areas have either completely atrophied or degenerated:
---Cultural/social climate
---Discretion/rational behavior and judgment
---General overall intelligence
---Historical knowledge
---Literacy skills
---Beneficial government programs:
    ---Space travel/exploration
     ---Social services
     ---Public school systems
     ---Health and safety regulations
     ---Upkeep and maintenance of government-owned lands and structures
     ---Government agencies endowed with the responsibility towards supporting artistic and public-supported institutions and entities.
---Morality and social ethics
---Progress in becoming a more integrated society
---The overall business climate
---The quality of commercial popular culture:
     ---Popular Music/ The music industry
     ---Television and movies
     ---Magazines and newspapers
     ---News and information programs
---The professional conduct by those-in-charge:
    ---Authority figures
    ---Business owners
    ---Politicians and other public servants
    ---Commercial transportation: Airlines; Bus lines
    ---Operators of commercial vehicles (e.g.: truck drivers)
    ---Government employees
---Public highway systems (in disrepair and either not maintained or undermaintained)
---Infrastructures (in decay and disrepair)
---Quality of consumer products
---The physical and biological condition of this planet
---Emergency-response agencies

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