Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Musings and Additional Adages

I'm in the stall of McDonald's and I can't get the door open to get out when I'm finished.
So I simply push harder on the door---it's jammmed for some reason.
So I push harder on it until it breaks and falls over, hanging only by it's bottom hinge.
That's when i realize: the door swings in, not out. "Ohhh!" I think---too late to undo the effects of my dumbass behavior.
But that's essentially the despotic aspect of human nature:
If something doesn't budge it simply means you're not using enough force.
Just push it harder until it finally gives.
Or, maybe:
If someone doesn't respond to what you're saying, it simply means you're not being assertive enough.
Shout a little louder and be more demanding of them to abide what you tell them to do or to understand your point of view.
As you can see---your way isn't the only way to do things ...and if someone's not responding to you (or the way you would want them to) it might mean they're either ignoring you or they just don't see eye-to-eye with you.
In other words: "Don't push it."

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