Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Musing For You

I think the penalties for committing "identity theft" are much too leniant.
I read once where some woman who was convicted of multiple charges of i.t. recieved a 3-year prison sentence.

I think that's outrageous!  Three years? For ruining HOW many people's lives?
And to think some pathetic 25-year-old sapsucker gets 5 years for having a brief "love affair" with a 15-year-old which never even culminated in "going-all-the-way"---just dating, flirting, and heavy petting, then---POOF---done and over with. And for that 5 years plus registering as a "sex offender" for 10 years afterwards upon release.

But, somehow, society can't see the similarity between identity theft and those more-despised acts such as molesting someone, robbing someone, embezzling from someone's account, or framing someone else for something insidious and/or atrocious of one's own doing.

Identity thieves either: loot from another person's financial account
---or: commit a heinous act, then use another person's name to cover up their deeds.

And in a society where we're all, pretty much, forced to depend upon it's economic systems as well as upon reputation and personal credibility, the loss of either personal finances or one's good name is tantamount to being robbed, raped, embezzled, or framed.

Personally, I think the minimum sentence for any kind of identity theft should be 30 years---for first-time offenders.

If one thinks that, perhaps, I might be thinking a little Draconianly, so be it.

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