Friday, December 2, 2011


I don't know how to feel about all these "occupiers" who've been in the news so much lately.
I have my mixed emotions about them.

Don't get me wrong---I also have low opinions of modern-day government, business and industry.
I, too, think most corporations are little more than skin-flints and scam artists, and that most politicians are despotic elitist snobs, and that most authority figures are paternal/maternal power-and-control freaks who suck up to the whims of the overprivileged and impressionable sycophantic "socially-correct" types.

However, being a bonafide pariah, I've also never gotten along much with most "average" type people either---except,occasionally, on a one-on-one basis. And even then it would only be these select individuals I'd get along with, not everybody-in-general.

And that's where my dilemma is with this "Occupy" movement.  A lot of those who are protesting the current crop of "status-quoers" are folks who used to be among the middle/upper-middle class. That is, they used to be among the "regular" somewhat privileged classes before the pay cuts, layoffs, cut-backs and the like.
At one time someone "out-of-place" would stroll into a McDonald's or a Denny's, and if they looked too conspicuous or behaved too eccentrically the police would escort this individual out of the place---and it was done on behalf of all these socially-correct "mainstream"-type people. To appease their "impressionable masses" going through the charades of "looking out for their safety". ("Keep the freaks and weirdos away".)
And it was a lot of these people who are now "in the streets" who were among those "masses".
And that's why I don't know whose side to be on in this matter.

Of course now that a lot of them have themselves now been "reduced" in social rank and status they're experiencing quite a "culture shock".
Now that they're being subjected to a lot of the strongarm tactics by their precious "civil servant" authorities which used to be reserved for minorities and freaks and weirdos, they're crying "foul"...because they're not suppose to be the ones being treated that way.  I mean included among those manhandled and even arrested are retired police chiefs and formerly respected small business owners.

Wow! From an experience pariah I can only say: "Welcome to the club folks! Be ready to compromise yourselves and even your whole lives for that matter. Because from here on out THIS is to be your norm."

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