Saturday, December 10, 2011

Disillusionment With The Internet

Yes, folks, I'm getting quite "burned-out" by all the activities zipping their way back-and-forth over the "lines".

For one thing, the Internet's gotten way too commercial in the past decade or so. Too many ads, not only on commercial sites but also on a lot of personal ones as well---including most blog sites. Not to mention self-starting video commercials "built-into" a lot of sites to boot.

Also, too many sites comprising photo downloads and transferred videos as well. Often more photos and video content than actual transcript.

Those are among the factors which hamper efficient and quick loading onto one's computer when trying-to-view-the-site.
It's true we've come a ways since the primitive early days of the consumer-available internet services---however, with the quicker more-efficient computers and internet-provider services there also came the propensity to "take advantage" of this improvement-in-technological-units and thus load onto sites far more than what used to comprise sites in the past.  One disadvantage of this current-day practice is that most web sites have so much electronic clutter on them that it can take almost as long for a site to load as it did in the "early days" of the consumer internet era. (God forbid anyone should still be dependent on a dial-up service)

Another factor in "the Internet losing face with me":  The content of a lot of sites.
Granted, there a lot of subjects which don't interest me. And it makes sense that I simply don't view them.
But then there are all these radical sites featuring some really strongly opinionated individuals.  Just about all of them politically oriented.  Or derisive excuses for social commentary. 
I don't know where all these crusaders come from nor how anyone can be so confident as to be as self-righteous as they are, but they sure love going off about corruption, prejudices, and social inequality.  So...just what ARE their solutions to these age-old problems and how do they propose to carry out their plans?
What they write about is nothing new.  That type of stuff has always been going on since the beginning of time---mostly covertly, of course.  However, in recent decades it's been getting harder to keep things concealed, hence things are now found-out-about which, in the past, might of continued to "stay-under-wraps".  And the attitudes of a lot of those-in-charge is that of: Yes, folks, we've ALWAYS been "taking you for a ride", what about it? Well, now that "the-cat's-out-of-the-bag" we don't have to "sugar-coat" ourselves anymore---we can be as blunt about where we're coming from as we want.

And even in the case of sites which DO have interesting content, one can only talk(write) about the same subject matter for so long and so many times over before even IT becomes tedious and redundant.  And then I'm bored with just reading about it and reading other people's opinions about it as well.  I just want to enjoy the subject itself without being bogged-down by "opinions on it".

So there you have it---I'm worn-out by all the slow-loading sites which take their turns at "seeing which one can finally fry my hard-drive once-and-for-all via overworking it to the hilt".  And by all the self-righteious "social/political-conscience" hacks who are apparently "out to save the world from corrupt governments and authorities".  And all other manners of the mindless fluff which permeates these cyber-lines and cyber-waves.
Oh, and let's not forget about all these illustrious cyber-vandals. Those who hack their way into other people's sites and/or who infect the lines and waves with various electronic viruses. The omni-presence of such charming individuals are but one more reason this here internet system has lost face with me.

The days of "high-tech worship" are limited for me, I think... 

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