Friday, December 23, 2011

Who's the "guilty" party?

By now we've all read/heard about all the riots breaking out during all the recent "Occupy Movement" demonstrations.
And everyone seems to want to "take sides" on this issue.

As for me?
Well, I don't think it's a matter of which side is "in the right" and which one is "in the wrong".
That type of reasoning is way too simplistic.

The only explanation for all the mayhem is that of human nature.
Everyone knows the #1 afflicton of humanity is a psycho-phenominon known as "human frailty".
The notion of some people being "culprits" and others being "the victims" is purely a fantasy---a total fairy-tale.
There are no "innocents" among any of us. We're all guilty of something.

And humans have a propensity for "mirroring their environment" if they're in a certain environment long enough---or if their surroundings are intense enough.
Hence, turbulent environment with pandemonium all around triggers of those same elements in even the most otherwise sane and rational individuals, causing them to react to the environment in the same manner as the way those around them are behaving.

The police officers who are responding with excessive violence towards the demonstrators are probably officers who, under more normal circumstances, might usually be well-mannered.
Likewise there are probably a lot of demonstrators who are simply standing or marching and holding their signs, simply just "trying to get their message across", but are being drowned-out by all the noisy overzealous radicals who are getting all the attention with their erratic and anarchic behavior---and these "radical" types are the ones primarily responsible for agitating the officers who, being affected by the overall atmosphere and chaos, are responding in a manner similar to what they're dealing with.

Leave it up to a few scofflaws and crude louts among each faction---both the fanatically radical amongst the demonstrators and hot-shot/obsessively despotic amongst the police---and all hell breaks loose.
And the problem is, once the immediate social environment is "infected" by such an atmosphere even the most even-tempered among the crowds "fall into" this mindset---and all discretion goes-out-the-window.
...which is why a lot of even those who-were-still-behaving-peacefully-in-spite-of-all-the-mayhem STILL get batted-around and roughed-up.
Because everyone else around them is suffering from temporary insanity.

Me? I always avoid large crowds and main events myself.
I don't even go to rock concerts---I'll just stay home and listen to music on my stereo.
I'm one of those you "couldn't even PAY to attend Mardi Gras"---simply because of the "pandemonium potential" of such an environment.
Let's face facts: people are anarchists by nature, no matter who they are or what their position-in-life is.

As the Bible states:  Man has ruled over other men with great injury.
...or, better stated:  No matter how well-written or well-intended a law, it's still enforced by designated mortals---who are still vulnerable to the same frailties and temptations as the rest of us.
...or, a law or rule is only as good as it's enforcement and how well it's interpreted.
...Which explains corruption and on-again/off-again misappropriation of management and authority.

As someone who wishes to remain neutral and refrain from "taking sides", this is how it all appears to me.

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