Saturday, December 10, 2011

More on "bottom-line" mentality

It's no secret: Businesses and government agencies have become incessantly obsessed with figuring out as many ways of "saving money and profits" as one could ever possibly can...

Laying off employees; using cheaper materials and expedient methods to cut production cost; curtailing employee perks and benefits; outsourcing or hiring illegal foreigners who do the same work for less pay
---and other such "ethical business practices".

Yes, they all want to "save money" any way they can.
So....what do they plan to do with all this "extra money"?
...Perhaps all these CEOs and hot-shot politicians will pool all these extra earnings of theirs and put together a special fund which goes towards, perhaps, refurbishing and repairing this country's infrastructure: fix all the highway/freeway bridges, upgrade the roads, improve public and commercial transit systems, inspect and repair the dams, pipelines, utility facilities---and the like...

...but I doubt it.
Most likely they'll spend whatever they acquire on their own hedonistic/ephemeral pleasures and desires.

How about a new Mercedes?
But...what happens when you're flying down the fast lane of the freeway and suddenly your brand new Mercedes just craps out? The gear-shaft just shatters for no apparent reason? Or the tire rod breaks?
And you're stuck there in the far-left lane with traffic coming at you from behind full speed?

Yes, guys, what you've overlooked is the fact that it's not just you or your company who've done all this "cutting back" to "save money" and "increase revenue".
EVERYBODY'S done the same thing as well.
Even the companies who make "high-end" products of the kind you buy.
They're outsourcing and hiring ignorant "urban-ghetto losers" from third-world countries for 1/10th wage as well.
...and with that, forget "the nuances of Mercedes engineering."  You're now just paying extra for the namesake.
The type of workers who gave all these reputed companies and manufacturers their good name and reputations---GONE! Along with their unions and wages.  They were too expensive to hang onto.
Even in today's social/economic climate they would STILL be nervy enough to demand they be paid what they're actually worth (substance-wise). So "out-the-door" they went.

The same goes for most other goods and services one purchases or invests in...the quality is no longer there---regardless of the price-range of such.

This is to say:
You guys now have all this "extra money" to spend on luxuries and nice material things...
...but all that exists now is mostly crap---even in the higher price ranges.
Which means there aren't all that many things worth buying anymore.
You're mostly stuck with all this "extra money" and nothing worth spending it on.

Just where do the well-to-do live? In mansions with faulty plumbing and wiring---and poor construction and design.
Just what do the well-to-do drive?  BMWs that end up on the "recall" list 6 months after they roll off the assembly line.

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