Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inappropriate Response?

A few years back I worked at a dry cleaners, pressing jeans, pants, shirts, blouses, and even jackets and vests.

I remember, one day at work, seeing one vehicle after another pull into the driveway and I asked the guy I was working with what was "going on"---why are so many people pulling into the parking lot?
He replied in a matter-of-fact demeanor "They're customers!"
"ALL of them?....GOD!!"
Upon which he turned and stared at me really shocked and annoyed. As if I just desecrated something sacred.

It was because I had never worked at a cleaners before and, to me, it just seemed strange how "important" it is to so many people to "have neatly creased and pressed clothes".
I guess along the same line as people who get these $50 stylish trendy hair cuts at big-name salons once every week or two...
...they just have to be so "perfect" all the time.
This sort of thing just never "hit home" so close to me before while my years-of-experience co-worker was so used to it he never thought twice about it.

I think people get used to things they either experience or witness on a regular basis, and after a while they become "numb" to them.
They just become too "accepting" of them---so if someone comes around and has a strong reaction to them and make-an-issue of these things they've never thought twice about before themselves, they tend to view the person making waves about it as being some kind of antagonist or rabble-rouser.

That's the thing about this society---or even the world itself:
The way so many people take certain things for granted no matter how outrageous they are in the practical/logical sense.
A lot of things just "are" in this world that not only shouldn't be, but, from a logical and, sometimes, moral standpoint should never have been in the first place.

And those who would now make a big deal or major issue of them at this point in time will probably come off as being wannabe rabble-rousers or just "out to make a scene" or "just kick up some dust".

It's a shame, really...
...there are so MANY ongoing problems in this world which should have never been in the first place but which are still omnipresent due to our being-so-used-to-them.
And if you say anything disparaging about them you're told "Don't be so vulgar" or "Don't be so antagonistic"---or even "That's just the way the world is---quit being so clueless already!"

People just don't like bitchy smart-asses who are always making a big deal out of stuff most people take-for-granted.
...but I just think some things in this world are long-overdue for rectification...
...but any time you try to say anything about it people will just get annoyed and insist you either talk about more "sociable" subjects or just "shut-the-hell-up!"

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