Sunday, March 11, 2012

Must-view web site

Occasionally I'll stumble across a web site I think makes it point in either a crafty or cleverly humorous manner so eloquently it just "hits home" with me.

Here's one such a site:
...also at this web address as well:

Check it out---it's worth a laugh-and-a-half.

This guy spoofs everything from the police to photoblogging and social networking...
...his derisive and disparaging comments about bloggers had me chuckling.
(So what if I'm a "blogger" myself.)

And I love his April Fool's parody of the kind of obsessive photoblogging and "Project 365" fare so prevalent on the "net" these days.
I know what it's like to go onto a web site full of photos and videos and such and not be able to get through even two or three pages of said site without my search engine "straining it's gears" and slowing-to-a-crawl.

I've had plenty to say myself about the availability of all this sophisticated technology to those with money but who lack credence and imagination...
...they're able to create sites with all sorts of quasi-"professional"-looking headings and designs, but the substance level is beyond lame and almost always inconsequential.

Anyway, check that site out for yourself.
A good dose of dry/wry humor is always good self-therapy.

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