Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Putting "Hanky-Panky" Ahead Of Health Concerns

I don't know if what I read is true or not---I'm kind of hoping it's not.
But here goes:

It seems MEDICAID pays the bill for VIAGRA and other sex performance enhancing drugs for older men---in full.
With no set limits on number of supplies.

This is disturbing in that there are so many legitimate medical and dental procedures the system will NOT cover:
---routine medical check-ups (medical)
---crowns and bridges (dental)
---dental implants

MEDICAID "can't afford to" pay for a simple routine preventative medical check-up---the quintessential doctor's appointment---but when it comes to supporting the hedonistic "night-life" of older reckless males it not only does so ever-so-willingly---but at the expense of all taxpayers at that.

I find this more-than-ironic considering what an inquisitional vendetta this culture has against "sex offenders" coupled with a ever-broadening definition of what comprises such types of offenses alongside harsher and harsher criminal penalties for even the most innocuous improprieties.
The "sex offender" is truly the modern-day "leper".

It's for reasons like that, for example, that I find some of society's priorities a bit perplexing and inexplicable.
Does MEDICAID, by any chance, also pay (in full) for breast implants in small-busted women---or for face-lifts and other sorts of cosmetic surgeries?
Why not? Those are just as phony and fraudulent as any artificially-stimulating "penis-function enhancing" pills.

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