Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Other bloggers

One thing that's always captured my attention when it comes to other blog sites and other bloggers:
And that is: the way so many are able to capture such loyal followings.
It doesn't matter what kind of site it is:
Whether it be a fashion blog, a political blog, music blog, media blog, science-fiction blog, what-have-you
...most bloggers almost always have this large---or at least substantial---following.
Others on-line who think alike and have similar interests in the same subject matters who are always leaving comments on the blogger's site
---or even make references to said blogger's site on their own blog site.

It's like everyone on-line is, somehow, "networked" with others just like them or something.

Presumably these are typical "average Joe, Dick, Jane and Mary's"---just your normal "fellow citizen" types, presumably leading ordinary everyday lives, who are putting up these blog sites.

But the way they're so able to "network" each other is somewhat befitting of, say, a corporation or an industry
...or maybe an organization---like a charity for example.
The way all these folks manage to "find each other" with such ease, so effortlessly.

Meanwhile I'm lost out here in the cyber-wilderness trying to find may way around and wondering:
"Am I transmitting? And is anyone receiving?"

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