Monday, March 26, 2012

More Musings

                                  On-line Illiteracy Revisited:
I get so tired of reading all these web sites and comments posted by people who can't spell (or even write a decent sentence to save their own lives).
Honestly now...
---"missajinist" (someone who hates women who can't spell?)
---"hole" (instead of "whole")
...for more on this subject simply view any "comments" section of any news sites or even blog sites. a matter-of-fact sometimes the articles themselves yield enough such fodder on their own.

Have you ever noticed---when doing business with commercial establishments like restaurants, laundromats and the like---you can walk in when it's "dead"
...I mean you can be the only customer in the whole place when you walk in
---but, invariably, you won't be in there for even a half hour sometimes when all of a sudden there's this massive influx of other customers.
I mean, one person after another strolling in incrementally one-after-another
---and, soon, the place is way-overcrowded to the point where you can't do, say, or try anything without "being-in-someone's-way".
I wonder:
Where do all these people COME FROM?
I mean, are they ALL part of the same group or club?
---do they know each other or what?
Do they all, like, receive orders from some "higher-up" to infiltrate certain select establishments at a certain given time?
Who ARE all these people anyway?

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