Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Three Dangers of Society

1) The Criminal Element
This one's the most obvious.
There have always been bandits and outlaws:
Those who rob, rape, murder, commit violent assaults.
And thieves, scam artists, embezzlers.
This is the biggest threat.

2) Government and Authority
This is #2 due to the fact that the character types who gravitate towards any kind of position involving any kind of authority tend to have excessively domineering personalities and the need to "always be in charge".
Also the laws govern far more than the just the "criminal personality" type of offenses of the bandit-and-outlaw types.
There are a myriad of laws governing social behaviors and the manners in which one expresses everything from personal opinons to one's emotional responses and desires.
Minor crimes can comprise everything from petty theft to verbal abuse/threats to nonviolent improprieties.
So---unless one can attest to their own flawlessness, perfect moral character, total self-discipline, or have such an ideal existence they would never have need to resort to any sort of unorthodox methods to fulfill some of their needs/desires---be aware you're at risk of potentially being turned into a "criminal" yourself at the very hands of the civil servants who otherwise are suposed to be"protecting-and-serving-you".

3) The Elitists and Privileged
Brought up with all the excesses and taught by their elders how "precious" and "entitled" they are in addition to never-being-in-want-or-need-of-anything, such types automatically expect and demand respect and awe and acknowledgement from those around them as to their "specialness" and superiority over "just anyone".
Plus, if you are to ever piss them off in any way they have plenty of the money and means to "put you back in your place" whether legally or by disreputing you.
And, because society is so social-rank fascist these types automatically "have-more-credibility" than those of lower social rank.
Which means whatever they think is pretty much "gospel" in society's books.
And if they judge you in a biased manner you end up being blackballed.
So don't be fooled into thinking that just because they're "also 'fellow citizens' as well" they can't also destroy-your-life just as much as The Criminal Element and Government and Authority can.
In fact it's Government and Authority who back these types up.

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