Monday, July 16, 2012

Everything is so in vain...

Life itself is so much like working in a restaurant scrub the place down after closing time, getting all the cracks and crevices until it's all shiny and spiffy
...then you wonder "Why?"  It's just going to become a mess again in a few more hours anyway.
The reason this place exists is for customers to be able to come in and have food-and-drink for a set price
...which involves putting grease on a hot grill on which to cook up whatever's been ordered
...but the minute you heat up the grease it's going to splatter all over and send the grimy fumes out all over the place
...and then, when the dirty plates, bowls, and cups come back, it becomes necessary to splatter water and food residue all around in order to keep the dishware clean and usable for the next patrons.

Just like one's own body.  You shower and change your clothes---only to continue sweating and excreting afterwards your butt and armpits start stinking again shortly after anyway (especially in the summer).

Just like the way you brush your teeth in the morning to get rid of that nasty "morning mouth"
...only to down a doughnut, banana, and cup of coffee
...and you realize:  to consume any kind of food and drink is to have chronic halitosis.

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