Friday, July 6, 2012

Laundry Blues

I'll be ever-so-grateful if they ever get the power back on in the laundromat across the street from where I live.

I've been having to use one five (long) blocks away.  It's one of those sandwich shop/grill/bar/washeteria "combo" places far, it's cost me $6.00, three washers, and one dryer (the only thing that worked properly) to do just one full load.

I wouldn't mind this place so much if they would take care of their machines once-in-a-while.
But I guess they'd rather just stand around shooting the shit with the "regular" bar patrons than serving their laundry customers.
That's what's known as "earning a paycheck" and "making a living".

Hell, I've worked harder myself just on my own hobbies than a lot of people do on their actual jobs.

                                                                                                    Update 7/11/12:
                       The power's on again in the laundromat I normally patronize.  I'm back to my normal laundering routine now.

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