Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three strikes and you're out

Let's see now...first the hellacious storm, then the power outages closing down all the places I frequently do business with
...now, on top of that a city bus strike.

My main concern is that this is a short-lived one as I have an appointment with a medical clinic in August, and I'll need to use the bus service to get to it.

Ahhhh, yes...unions.
Let's see:
Way back when...business owners and factory owners took advantage of the workers
...long hours, slave wages, exposing workers to unnecessary dangers.

Enter the unions:  the official "spokesmen" for the workers.
Their original intent was to back them up in their quest for "fair wages" and providing decent working conditions.

In time the unions, now organized entities themselves, became just as all-powerful as the business and factory owners
...and just as power-and-control obsessive as well
...as did the workers they represented

No longer merely content with fair wages and the safest working conditions possible, they took to making more and more exorbitantly grandiose demands and expectations.

Eventually becoming as ill-reputed as the business owners, there seems to be a sort of "cultural war" that's been declared on them in recent decades.

In fact there are a number of states who proudly proclaim themselves  to be "right-to-work" states
---that is, because it's a violation of their laws to even attempt to form any unions.

Speaking for myself, any "right to work" I've ever had has always been more dependent on whatever prejudices my potential employer had than on any kind of state laws. 

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