Saturday, July 14, 2012

Excessive Heat Had People "On Ice"

As you well know, the last two weeks saw hellacious storms coupled with a prolonged excessive heat wave
...which also resulted in numerous power outages (luckily for me, my power somehow managed to stay on).

During this period I noticed, when making necessary trips to the supermarket to buy essential food items, that a lot of people were purchasing bags of ice
...I'm assuming these folks have large coolers in the back of their cars in which to put these ice bags.

I can't imagine them simply putting the bags in the back seat or the trunk
...and stopping off at McDonald's or Bob Evans to grab a bite to eat---or making rounds at Target, WalMart, or Lowes to pick up a few more items afterwards.

I can just see the scene when they finally arrive home:  "Hey, what the hell!  Will you look at this?  This ice turned to in the hell...?"
"Oh,my...we'll have to return it now...try and get our money back.  Apparently this is a defective bag or something."
"Damn these merchants---always trying to rip us off."

I wonder...just how long DOES a bag of ice last in a warm freezer when it's 90-degrees inside and 100+-degrees outside?

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