Friday, July 6, 2012


Born Richard Starkey in Dingle, Liverpool, England on July 7 1940
...72-years-old on Saturday.

I remember YELLOW SUBMARINE being ridiculed as being a "children's song"
...and it is, actually.  But it's an example of The Beatles showing their wide range of musical aptitude.

Let's not forget the flip side of the original 45-RPM is ELEANOR RIGBY, a serious "social commentary" type song...a perfect antithesis to SUBMARINE

...and, let's not forget the REVOLVER album also comprises some of their earliest "psychedelic" efforts as well
...and even a "romantic" song or two.

So, why a "kiddie song" like YELLOW SUBMARINE?
Well, it was the 1960s---and back then people still had a sense of humor being "lighthearted" wasn't considered inappropriate.

...unlike today, when life seems to be all about paranoia and conspiracy.

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