Saturday, July 14, 2012

I should stay off the subject of "sex"

It's probably a good idea if I did's such a touchy subject matter (both figuratively as well as literally).

The late John Lennon once stated:  "One of these days sex will take it's rightful place---as just a part of life"
...but I doubt it.  There are way too many prejudices surrounding it.

Society's still, to this day, just can't handle this peculiarity of humans to hedonistically "objectify" another human whom they find physically attractive
...somehow fully acknowledging this tendency seems to frighten the general mass.  The reality of human sexuality conflicts too much with long-established conscious moral standards.
That's one reason why those who express their desires in any kind of unbridled manner are ostracized as being "creeps", "perverts", and "degenerates".

Along with xenophobia, dogmas and stigmas involving sexual matters will probably be among "the last prejudices left in mankind's history".
Should they ever somehow finally dispense with all manners of racism. sexism, and antiSemitism the two forms of bigotry left will surely be hatred and contempt towards "weirdos", "freaks", "perverts" and "degenerates".

Therefore, I refuse in the future to ever bring up anything to do with "sexuality" as a topical subject matter for this blog.

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