Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks AT&T...

...for the increase in my monthly phone bill.

It makes sense I should pay more for you to allow all those solicitors, robo-calls, and other assorted oddballs the privilege of their daily reign over your lines.

...nothing like playing back a "message" on my answering machine and hearing a minute or so of background cacophony then a "woman's" voice telling me:  "You've been kicked off this dialogue".
...I can really make sense out of that, can't you?

...and, of course, all the idiots who keep calling repeatedly (for the past five years or so) with their offer to "reduce my credit card debt" or whatever (I've never had a credit card, just for the record).  Not once have I ever responded in any way to them, but they still don't get the message:  I'm not interested and quit bothering me all the time.

AT&T is just like everyone else I guess...just out to rob others of their time and money.

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