Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It doesn't take much for one to notice a plethora of grammatical errors and misspellings on most any comments section of a number of web sites or news sites.

Those of us more literate types readily engage in a hubristic celebration of schadenfreude directed toward these pathetic saps, many of whom don't seem able to spell even the simplest or most common of words.

But before we go on feeling so proud or self-congratulating our pompous asses let us not forget one critical thing:  aptitudes are usually savant in nature.  Meaning: one can be quite accomplished and/or knowledgable in one area and still be completely lacking everywhere else.

Take the self-taught musician who's never taken any formal music lessons and can't even read music, yet plays by ear and can replicate note-for-note rhythm-for rhythm anything they hear.
Take those with mechanical aptitude who can instinctively disassemble any kind of machinery, gadget or appliance then rebuild it the way it was originally constructed.

One should be envious of anyone with such viable aptitudes like those.  So what if such persons are lacking a more formal clinical type of education.
What they call "education" is way overrated anyway.

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