Monday, March 24, 2014

Strolling along the main drag of an elitist neighborhood full of highfalutin restaurants, bars, and eccentric shops, I come across street musicians.

Among them a trio:  two guys and a young lady.  One playing a lute, the other a violin, and the lady with an illuminated hula hoop who spun that thing around her waist nonstop for minutes-on-end while her comrades played uptempo celtic-like melodies in perfect harmony and on perfect tempo.

I don't care how impoverished I may be myself I couldn't witness such a feat of secular sorcery without dropping at least a dollar into their hat (such well-developed and well-nurtured aptitudes deserve much more of course).

It was a Friday night and everywhere else I went it was that crappy "bump-and-grind" type of music with that fake "disco" beat, and getting trampled on public sidewalks by fraternal Alpha personality pricks and cunts wearing trendy clothes and obviously enjoying financial subsidies designated for booze, fancy meals, and either gas or bus fare.
Weekends="It's D-Day once again, folks!"

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