Thursday, March 27, 2014

Once a year they review your case to determine if you're still eligible for a continuation of benefits, be they food stamps, or residence in a government-subsidized housing unit, or anything else along those lines.

And, always, you have to provide these people with official documents, including:  drivers license (or state I.D.); birth certificate; rent receipt and lease forms; medical insurance cards and documents; utility bill receipts; and other such items.

Even medical and dental clinics ask for medical insurance cards and photo I.D.s and a written medical history from you (to the best of your recollection).

What I'm wondering is: Why haven't they implemented the practice of Biometrics?
That's when they identify individuals by fingerprints, handprints, eyeprints, and other DNA-related methods.
They program your idiosyncratic biopatterns into a central computer network so that anytime you need to do business with any government agency, medical clinic, or even commercial establishment all you need to do is have them scan your hand or face and any information they need to have on you automatically shows up on their computer screen.  Fraud-proof and up-to-date.

As for concerns anyone may have about "privacy issues", keep in mind that while they presently need your consent to release your medical information and financial information, or to obtain your address and phone number(s), if you have any kind of arrest and conviction(s) on record most anyone can obtain that information (often for a fee of some kind) as such records are of a "public domain" status.

The way I see it, if it's okay for anyone to find out about all of our "fuck-ups" in life then it should also be a given for those either assisting us or trying to help us in some way to be able to just-as-easily obtain information on us that's helpful to their cause or causes as well.
Society should be allowed and able to do FOR us as much as it seems to enjoy doing things TO us.

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