Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Society's such a baby when you stop and think about it.  Everyone's always needing our help with things.  They never seem capable of taking care of their own affairs.  Every institution, organization and business seems to need a hand from us in some way.

Yet they're the ones in control.  They make all the rules.  They decide what goes down and what doesn't.  They have the right to control our lives any way they want.

It's like governance by small children.  Lacking maturity and wisdom but still seeing themselves fit to have the final word on just about any subject.

Why do we, the private citizen, have to assist in helping them locate missing children?
How come we have to provide our own medical history to health care providers when we're merely the patients?
And why are we "free detective agencies" when the authorities need to track down elusive fugitives?

We're not employed by these agencies or clinics.  We don't get any paychecks from them.
They should learn to do their own work and quit pawning and serfing us commoners to finish their jobs for them while they still get the pay and credit for the results.

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