Monday, March 24, 2014

"What 'overpopulation problem'?" you ask

I get tired of hearing various pundits refuting the ongoing phenomenon of consistent chronic overreproduction of the human race.
Their claim:  The west is producing less and less children and that we've now gone beyond the threshold of "zero population growth".  And that it's the east who continues to be reproducing.
And that the reason the U.S. government circumvents its immigration laws is because we need these "extra people" to fill the gaps left by this (alleged) "zero population" problem.

But I myself don't see this as being the case.  Go anywhere in this country and what do you see?  People everywhere pushing baby strollers.  Or running around with their kids.
They're all over the place: in elitist suburbia; in the 'hood; in blue-collar "white trash" neighborhoods; in small towns; in small cities.
Try to go ANYWHERE and it takes you forever to go shopping, to eat out, to go to the bank, and the laundromats are always "convention centers" as well.  You can blow a whole day just running one single errand.  Easily! 
This is all on account of just the current overpopulation.

And most of these babies are white and black ones at that.  Sure, there are plenty of Asian-American and Hispanic babies (both legal and illegal), but the majority one sees is still the white ones and the black ones.

Also, this nonsense about the Mexicans and their large families "taking over" the U.S. because "they're all Catholic and don't believe in birth control".
Excuse me, but what about the Irish-Catholic and the Italian-Catholic?  They abide by the same myopic doctrines as well.  How many large white and black families are there?  Quite a lot, actually.

In short, this notion of the west experiencing "zero population growth" is purely a myth.  A total canard.
Truth is, we don't need any more people ANYWHERE!  Not here in the U.S., not in Africa, not in England, not in Japan.  We're oversaturated with people.  And, what's more, the governments brainwash their citizens so well that 90% of their populations think the same way and have the same kinds of personalities.  So, in addition to being "crowded in on" there's also not the benefit of any kind of variety among all the people one has to endure on a daily basis.
I contend that if the world savors clones and drones that much why not replace living humans with robots?
At least machines don't spread disease or leave behind biological waste.

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