Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Well, the phone company just raised their monthly rates.  I wonder what the extra amount is going to.  To pay the wages of whoever keeps calling my number 5 to 10 times a day and never leaving a message or saying who they are or what they want?

Plus they only give me two weeks to send my payment in, tagging on a $5 penalty for late payments.  Hence this phone company's in the extortion business as well.

If phone service wasn't so essential I would've pulled the plug on these clowns a long time ago.  (And, no, I DON'T want your god-damn cable TV service or your stupid internet service.  You advertise these like you were offering us a gift of some kind.  Of course they're also "services" we'd have to pay for.  Simply another way of fleecing your customers.  You guys are little more than legalized racketeers.)

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