Wednesday, June 25, 2014

                                    Musings / Adages

The "system" is a tall tree with long invasive roots capable of upending structures, foundations, and pathways and routes necessary for functionality.

General Motors should just pack it in and dissolve.
Their products are defective and dysfunctional and it's only their ongoing legacy and imagery that keeps the company going.
They should just demolish the headquarters building and erect a plaque or monument paying tribute to the company as "a great American legacy which is no more".
They violated the trust factor a few times too many.  No private individual would ever begin to pull off being that incompetent and corrupt without being disgraced and blackballed.

I hate this modern-day practice of having contractors and contract workers performing jobs formerly held by professionals, specialists, union workers, and wage earners.  You know: people who actually did those things for a living and were formally trained in their respective fields, occupations and professions.
Nowadays it's all about "meeting quotas".  And, as a result, society has become totally substandard in all areas.

There's something to be said about a society where full-grown adults need to be reminded to "not text while driving". 
 (Note: Woodbridge Township in the state of New Jersey outlawed the use of headphones while driving, jogging, or riding bicycles back in 1982. The main culprit at the time? The SONY Walkman portable cassette player. Distracted driving, "old-school" style.)

A computer program will only be as accurate or intelligent as it's programmers.


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