Saturday, June 28, 2014

                                           What is "hate speech"?

Is it ANYTHING that's disparaging, or flippant and sardonic?  Anything not "sugar-coated" sanctimoniousness?

If "hate speech" signifies anything harsh, derisive, or contemptuously critical then I'm guilty myself of such.

The way I see it, if it's okay for certain others to treat me like crap then it should be okay for me to respond candidly to such and to express my sentiments to and about those individuals or factions that/who prompt my ire.

                                                              Where do I start?
The way social service agencies are constantly changing their rules and policies "every five minutes" on how they provide services for food stamp entitlements, MEDICAID services, HUD public housing facilities?

Or businesses and government agencies who, these days, seem to be constantly moving their facilities from one location to another every other year?  How is it these people don't seem to have enough wealth and stability to establish any kind of permanent base and keep their roots firmly laid down?
They give in to the highest bidder who wants the land or property to build a casino, shopping center, or high-end nightclub on (in the name of gentrification).  You know, the very things that enhance our cultural climate and contribute to civility in general.  Casinos and nightclubs=loud drunks, DUIs, more noise and air pollution.  And more employment opportunities for those who work at rehab and addiction centers.

How about defective consumer products?  Or lousy consumer services?

How about the way any subversive with a laptop has the "right" to cyberembezzle anyone's bank account, checking account, or credit card account because banks and businesses are too cheap to invest in any kind of credible and effective security measures?

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