Friday, June 20, 2014

Paul McCartney Turns 72

Notice I didn't say "Sir Paul". That's arbitrary of course. Having grown up in the 60s The Beatles were integral to my childhood and adolescent years, hence to me he's always been "Paul McCartney".
Knighted or not he's still Paul McCartney. Or James Paul McCartney.

So much time has gone by. McCartney is now elderly. This is the kind of thing we would joke about (during the late 60s): "What do you think the Beatles will look like when they get old? Can you imagine them being all wrinkled like grandma and grandpa?"
Everyone stereotypes the elderly you know.

Granted, his greatest achievements were when he was still in his 20s and 30s. However they were still of HIS doing, they were still the results of HIS efforts and were HIS ideas and concepts. We're still talking about the same individual, right? Hence, the credits still belong to HIM no matter how much longer he sticks around, even if 20 years from now he's suffering so much from dementia he can't even remember his own name half the time.

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