Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's up with this obsession with guns and weapons?
All these guys collecting piles of bizarre military and assault weapons and storing them in and around their own private residence.
Some of these guys don't even own their own homes either. They're apartment dwellers. Just where does one store "enough armaments to potentially supply half the Israeli army if need be" in an apartment unit? Are the bedrooms simply stockrooms for their ill-gotten black-market treasures? Do they sleep on the floor by their front door, with clothes and toiletries stacked up on end tables and their couch?

What gets me is how much these weapons and ammunition are worth. When one reads the news accounts of the latest "shooting incident" it's often revealed the "shooter" possesses somewhere in the vicinity of $30,000 worth of guns and ammo.
Speaking for myself, if I had that kind of money to burn I could easily come up with far better uses for it. Get a passport and travel abroad. Take in different cultures. Or travel around the U.S.. Spend a day at Bryce Canyon or someplace else just as scenic. Explore the different subcultures within one's own country. Spend time somewhere reclusive and revive one's spiritual and emotional equilibrium. Try to LOSE the collective insanity instead of ADDING your own to the sludgepile.

Naturally I don't expect these brain-addled types to harbor such wisdom and perspectives.

The worst aspect of "shooting spree" types is they're a lot like suicide bombers and World War II era kamikaze pilots in that it's impossible to halt their plans even by making any kind of extortive threats toward them.

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