Friday, January 29, 2016

                                                  Authority Figures

Not just the police and government, but anyone in charge:  the bosses, the landlords, the business owners and the like.

The most annoying characteristic of such personality types is their eternal hubris.  The way they assume they're a "special breed" of humanity.  In this case, the "parental" attitude they harbor wherein they figure the average person to be little more than an "overgrown child", devoid of self-discipline and self-restraint and "in need of" constant supervision and frequent punishment.

Sort of along the same line as the "intellectuals" who figure themselves to be such "unique individualists" in a world of "cookie-cutter"/"carbon copy" brainwashed "gnomes" and "drones".

Or the "intelligentsia" who view themselves as among the "enlightened" in an eternally "formulaic" monolithic world.

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