Friday, January 29, 2016

             More on "Liberties" and "Rights"

One of the great ironies of the United States is its eternal grandiose promises of "individual liberties" and "personal rights".

It gives people their exaggerated sense of entitlement and self-importance, along with extreme notions of what they "deserve" to have the "right to" do or say.

And then there are those 10,000 laws or so, most involving what's "forbidden" to do, say, or even what to possess.

Most people who are incarcerated are most likely victims of their own delusions of "personal entitlement".

Most laws concern themselves with profit/financial/property/revenue issues or with regulating and controlling human behavior.  That's what society's true priorities are.  It doesn't care about any of its citizens' well-being.  No-one matters as far as it's concerned---except politicians, elitists, and celebrities.

So much for any "Black Lives Matter" rhetoric.  The reality is: NOBODY'S life matters.  All that's important to society is its "system".  (Oprah Winfrey may matter to the world, for example, but obviously her ancestry is not a factor in her "importance" status.)

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