Friday, January 29, 2016

The Officious Ones III

As I get my "assigned" computer and proceed to sit down at the computer the public library system designated for my use that day, I immediately notice the last person who used that terminal left a mess of wrappers and grunge and such.
I respond: "I wish these people would clean up their  fucking mess!"
The woman in the adjacent terminal blurts out ever-so-surly: "Excuse me?  We don't use that kind of language in the library!"

Okay ...who is SHE to be addressing me in such a condescendingly strongarm manner?  Like it's her job to exercise some kind of authority or command over me?
Unless she's either  one of the library staff, or, maybe, an off-duty police officer, I think she should just mind her own business and look the other way if she's just another patron.

True, the library most likely DOES have rules against "profanity" and "abusive language", being that it IS a place where families and children routinely patronize its facilities.  But shouldn't it be the task of the library's staff members to do or say something about it?

And just where is this eternal "crusader" and "reformer" when people shout into their cellphones during loud conversations while at a computer terminal?
And when these teeny-bopper "gamers" are getting intensely involved in their on-line games to the point where they're cussing out their bad luck:  "Awww, FUCK, man!  I missed that one!"?

Why was I the one who "needed to be controlled" and "put in my place" while all these other people can just go about their on-line business in a freelance manner?

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