Thursday, January 21, 2016

                      Gentrify Me (Revisited)

CVS.  A corporate drug store chain, yes.  But a USEFUL business.  It's a place where one can buy essential items like toothbrushes, shaving razors, deodorant, cold medicines, hand soap, shampoo, napkins, and so forth.

THOSE are the kind of businesses all neighborhoods need.  The coin-op laundries, the grocery stores, the hardware stores, the gift shops, and the like.

It seems these days all the practical-minded businesses are being eliminated and replaced by upscale bistros, restaurants, "trend-obsessive"-minded clothing stores, grossly overpriced high-rise residential buildings.

Now, essentially, there's nothing actually wrong with upscale bars and restaurants, or with trendy stores.  So long as they can co-exist with the practical-minded businesses and modestly-priced restaurants.  But, for whatever reason, this equity-minded compromise concept is being forsaken for some kind of "favoritism ethos" geared towards a perverse type of social engineering leaning heavily towards an "ultimate social-rank fascism" environment.

It's a shame that all factions of society cannot simply co-exist together.

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