Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm always so intrigued by the way judges give harsh/maximum sentences to certain individuals upon conviction of a crime to "make an example of" them.

You know it'll always be the type who are the easiest to take advantage of who'll receive those kind of sentences.
As if whatever happens to some "loser" will, in any way, have any kind of profound detrimental effect on the future actions of those of privilege or favor, or even of most "average" persons for that matter.

If some social outcast, who already receives the brunt of society's wrath anyway, gets fully slammed by the legal system it's not going to make any kind of impression one way or the other on those who are used to either being treated special or to those who are used to having friends or special interest groups who support and stand behind them.
It won't be enough to make any of them hesitate to act should any devious tendencies come over them at any point in time.

You have to figure:  Anytime any "average" person gets nailed by the police or receives a severe sentence in a courtroom there's the cry of "abuse of authority".  But when it's some social outcast or "oddball" type being dragged through the hot coals of the court system these same people are suddenly on the side of the "system" and the police (one reason I was never much impressed by the "Occupy" movement of a few years back).

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