Saturday, February 6, 2016

              Would Jesus Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Find your soulmate today.  Find the one God has planned for you.  Using secular man-made high technology.

Enter Christian Mingle, an on-line dating service intended for lonely singles who are of the Christian faith.
Currently they have a "Valentine's Day offer".  First three months free, or something along that line.

There's something awfully cliche and banal about the notion of "meeting a future wife/husband" by such formulaically perfunctory cultural ritualisms.  Especially by those of Christian faiths whose priorities are allegedly of a higher spiritual nature.
On-line dating?  How "earthly".

Would Jesus commandeth one useth a powerful worldly tool for fulfilling their need for love and faithful matrimonial companionship?


  1. Yeah I think Jesus would be all for it actually. If I were single and desperate I'd use it. I can't imagine an old tranny like me getting any dates but you never know. Ha.

    1. It's just that the "followers of Christ" are supposed to abstain from the "systems of the world", yet here they are, using trendy commercial high-tech methods to meet some of their needs and inner-desires.
      It's the irony of it all.

  2. I'm a Christian and a follower of Christ and I don't see an issue with being that and using trendy high-tech methods for communication etc. The Brethren would of course.

    1. Yes, but you're "loving the same things the world loves".
      In theory "followers of Christ" are no longer supposed to "be of this world".