Tuesday, February 16, 2016

                                  Seek and Ye Shall Find

That can mean one of two things:  That a lot of what one learns or discovers are things that have always existed right under one's nose for time indefinite, but they've just never noticed those things before because either those things have never been brought to one's attention before, or because one's never before had reason to think about those things.
Or it could mean sometimes things come about because one actually creates such things themselves.

What comes about in one's life is usually whatever subjects and ideas one happens to be focused on at the time.
Whatever one is obsessed with they will "run into" anywhere and everywhere, because one will start "seeing" whatever it is they're fixated on all the time anywhere they go, no matter how irrelevant the setting or situation they'll find a way to infuse whatever it is they're obsessed with into it in some way.

The media and the authorities are heavily focused on drug and alcohol addiction, sexual predators, terrorism, domestic violence.
If you're a bit eccentric or do something off-the-wall, you "might be on drugs".
If you make goo-goo eyes at a pretty girl/woman you're "probably some kind of creep or predator or stalker".
If you raise your voice during an argument you're suspected of possible "domestic violence" or of "making a threat" of some kind.

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