Saturday, February 6, 2016

                      No Immunity From Invasions

Don't think your place is immune from break-ins simply because you live modestly, don't really own anything of any great monetary value, and are not the kind who buys up every pricey fancy latest trendy gadget and device being currently commercially peddled.

No burglar is going to think to himself, after having forced or finagled his way into another's domain: "Oh damn!  This guy obviously lives a very basic, simple life.  Hardly a thing worth snatching up that'll pay worth a shit on the black market.  Guess I better head on out and try another place".
Especially considering he's already risking a potential 10 to 25 years behind bars for his actions.  He's going to do some kind of damage.  Even if it's trashing your place.  Or helping himself to your refrigerator and cabinets for food and drink.  Or just crapping on your floor or furniture.

He expected a 72" flat-screen TV and found a 12" one instead.  Or he expected to find valuable jewelry and instead found used magazines and paperback books.
He'll be pissed, and he'll make you "answer for" not making his risks "worth it".

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