Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Officious Ones IV

Riding public transit anymore is a nerve-wracking experience, what with all the idiots shouting on their cell phones and, on top of that, all the prerecorded announcements blasting out of the public-address speakers mounted on the ceiling of the buses.

It's the stupid announcements, in particular, that impede one's train-of-thought.
One of them:  "Security is of top priority.  If you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary please tell your operator about it.  Again: 'See something, say something'."

One of these times I'd like to, just as a joke, start badgering the bus driver:  "I'd like to report lewd behavior of one of the passengers.  I saw that man over there scratching his butt repeatedly."
"That woman on her cell phone.  She's talking loud and using profanity."
"The girl, sitting in the back.  She's chowing down a bag of potato chips.  Isn't there 'no eating on the bus'?"

I'm guessing my bus-riding privileges would last all of just-one-more-day if I actually started doing that shit.


  1. Replies
    1. I think the paranoia and sometimes hyperbole surrounding all the terrorist attacks and other types of interpersonal dysfunctionisms has jaded even the most common and normal aspects of our lives to the point where even the most commonplace has become just downright weird anymore.

    2. Have you ever noticed how downright condescending those-in-charge can be to us "average" folks?
      "See something, say something". Sounds like a kindergarten-level mantra, doesn't it? And this is being directed towards adult passengers.