Saturday, May 21, 2016

Coin Laundries

It never fails.  Every time I go to the coin laundry ...

I should mention I always do just one load per trip since I'm always on foot.

And every time I'm in there, even if it's not busy, I'll sometimes not even be halfway done with my load when somebody will stroll on in with huge basketfuls of clothes---enough threads to practically open up a used clothing store with.
And I'm left wondering:  Is all that actually their own personal stuff?

And it's not always couples or families either.  Sometimes it's just one person doing it all (of course I'm figuring them to either be married, or at least have kids.  Or, maybe, they're caretakers).

Either way, I don't think there'd even be enough room in my apartment for the amount of clothes some of these other laundry patrons freely truck on in to wash. 

What I always dread is the place already being busy when I stroll on in to do my own stuff.  Then I'd be paranoid about whether or not there'll be enough machines for me to use.

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