Monday, May 2, 2016

Warm weather is almost upon us once again.

And time for air conditioning everywhere you go.

One question:
What is it with the air conditioning systems installed in commercial and institutional structures that the only two settings on them seem to be either "Off" or "Siberia mid-January"?  Never anything in the "medium" or "reasonable" range.

You would think, this being the 21st century, air conditioning units would have improved a little by now.
Instead, an ongoing "Goldilocks complex" continues.

                 The above is my Musing For Today


  1. Glad to say that in the UK we don't have air conditioning. The lack of it only causes problems for about 4 days a year when we get warmer weather and then everyone wishes they had it. This is in homes ... shops and offices do of course.

    1. And then how high do those shops and offices turn up their air conditioning systems?
      Enough to make one relieved to go back outside again?

  2. We had some really warm days here in the Netherlands!! I'm so happy, but unfortunately the tempepartures are getting lower :(

    1. Are the businesses and offices adjusting their thermostats accordingly?