Sunday, May 15, 2016

I Guess it's A Freedom-of-Choice Matter

              Another "Media Red Herring" Alert:
Should transgender individuals be allowed to use the public restrooms of their choosing?

I, myself, would never challenge nature's default as to what gender it designated to me.
To me it seems pointless to undertake a risky surgical procedure unless it's a life-or-death matter or involves a condition that could seriously jeopardize my physical quality-of-life.  I see "sex change" operations as being phony and fraudulent.

There's more to one's gender besides just one's genitalia and hormones.  I think both physically and mentally one's biological makeup is far more nuanced than the mere superficial aspects.

I think there are certain personality characteristics that are simply a part of being alive and/or being human.  But that some of those characteristics are regarded by some cultures as "belonging to" one gender or the other.  And when some individuals find themselves behaving in a way that's attributed to the gender opposite of theirs they get a complex about it.  Like, somehow, "Nature(/God) must have made a mistake" and, maybe, they're actually "a woman living inside a man's body" or vice-versa.
When it's actually a matter of them being impacted adversely by the social prejudices of their culture.

Of course how an individual chooses to respond to any personal life situation is their business.  It IS their life after all.


  1. Okay is the post a joke or not? As I'm trans it's probably best if I just keep my mouth shut.

    1. Say whatever you want my friend.

      I'm only stating my viewpoint on this subject matter.
      I'm only saying it isn't a route I would take myself, but that whatever someone else decides to do with their life is their prerogative as it's their life and their own body.

      Ultimately my only prejudices towards people is simply based on whether or not they treat ME decently and are accepting of MY idiosyncrasies and somewhat forgiving of my foibles and frailties.

      In the long run: I don't really seriously care what another does in/with their own personal life!

  2. Some of the things you've said I actually agree with you, and others obviously I don't, but as any blog is a very public place, I won't respond with my thoughts. I don't discuss it on my blog either, as it is a private matter after all.

    1. Suit yourself.
      I'd never think to stop anyone from stating what they really think myself.
      Just the same I have to respect your priorities.

  3. I think the concerns over transgenders using the restrooms of whichever gender they identify with is a bit unwarranted myself.
    Assuming said person has no ulterior motives and is simply using the restroom in a normal manner, who is going to be any-the-wiser anyway? So long as that person is inconspicuous and behaves like a normal human being.
    It's the subversive individuals everyone has to worry about anyway, and in ANY kind of situation anywhere.

    And, yes, I think---as I do a lot of subjects that get excessive undue media attention---it is a "red herring" in that there are so many things in life more of greater significance: spiritually, socially, intellectually ...things that truly matter in the long run, that affect our quality-of-life and our liberties and our health and our well-being. And that being forced to focus our attention on such frivolous matters detracts our thoughts from the more substantial and meritable subjects we'd be better off putting all our energies into.