Tuesday, May 10, 2016


That's what made top-40 radio stations in the '60s so special.
And what enabled mankind to walk on the moon on at least three separate occasions.
Inspired and enthused like-minded individuals merging their efforts for the sake of a perceived all-important ends.

Of course after the Apollo program ended the space program degenerated considerably.
A lot of the reason is because of all the protests of "We can afford to spend millions to 'send a man to the moon' but we still can't solve any of our problems with racism, or economic disparity, or pollution of the environment".

The reason we can't get a handle on our social, economic and environmental ills is because those we put in charge of dealing with those issues are not of the same caliber as those who worked on the Apollo project in the mid-to-late-60s.
Instead of being unified and "loyal to the cause" they lack interest and enthusiasm for what they're doing.  There's interpersonal discord among them and their half-assed efforts seriously lack the essential symmetry needed for success in any kind of project or endeavor.
It's more than any "lack of adequate funding" dilemmas.

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