Saturday, May 21, 2016

                            Con Artists and Reformers

Most people one runs into are either con artists or reformers.

Either they're intent upon messing with you or misleading you in some way.
Or they're convinced there's something "wrong with" you and feel a need to "enlighten" or "discipline" you.  That can be irritating, especially when one doesn't have a problem with how they live or with their beliefs.  Nothing is "broken" and one doesn't need to be "fixed" in any way.

For instance:  These philosophical "know-it-alls" who'll tell you that "you make your own fate".
Stuff like:  If you project a negative attitude into the world that's what you'll get back.  But if you're cheerful and upbeat everything will go hunky-dory and those around you will be ever-so-friendly.
If only reality was as simple and cut-and-dried as their simplistic metaphysically-based myopia makes it out to be.

What I don't like about that way of thinking is that it puts all the responsibility for "the condition of the world" on you, one person.
If someone's angry or cranky you're to be upbeat and cheerful towards them and they'll miraculously change their frame-of-mind and become more friendly and peaceful.
But if you're the one stressed-out and cynical, and everyone else follows suit, it's because you caused the whole social climate to become dark and wicked by your negativism.

If only I could ever believe myself capable of having that level of power-and-control.

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