Monday, May 2, 2016


End Discrimination Now
Anyone caught treating any group or individual unfairly will be ostracized

Stop Abuse Now
Those guilty of abuse shall be beaten and kicked

Stop The Violence
Violent individuals are to be beaten, shot and hanged

End Harassment
Those guilty of harassment shall be publicly shamed everywhere they go

End War Now
Are we going to have to bomb the Pentagon to make our point?

Black Lives Matter
If you're not of African ancestry just crawl under a rock and die.  This also goes for you, too, Native Americans, Jews, Asian Americans, Hindus ...

To Protect and to Serve
"Protect" and "serve" who?  Or what?

Take Back The Night
Who took the night away in the first place?  And what do you plan on doing with the night once you get it back?

See Something Say Something
I see things all the time.  Does this mean I'm obliged to talk non-stop?

Fight Hunger
Who is this Hunger fellow?  And why would I want to fight him when I don't even know him to have any feelings of animosity towards him?

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