Sunday, October 2, 2011

ad nauseam

You notice my site (so far) doesn't have any advertisements cluttering up the corners of each web page.
I hope to keep it that way, too.
I can't stand it when I come across something that looks interesting either on a search engine or as a link on someone's web site, but then when I try to get on that site there's so much unrelated clutter on it that it takes a good 3 or 4 minutes for the whole damn page to even load onto my computer ...and when it finally does I STILL can't scroll down to read whatever article I'm interested in reading due to continuous "loading"-in-progress---mostly advertisements and other "excesses".

I remember a quip I once heard describing advertising in general---whether TV or radio commercials or magazine and billboard ads:
That commercials and ads are "stationary medicine shows"---as opposed to the old "traveling medicine shows".
The mindset and contents are still pretty much the same, when one stops and thinks about it: the peddling of either "magic pills" or material gadgets which are supposed to "improve your life" somehow.

Hopefully those who venture onto this blogsite will experience and easier time getting to it's contents
...and not get all "bothered" about the absence of all those "fancy frills" a lot of other sites have---like the videos, mp3 audio tracks, and plethoras of photos.
I let my WORDS do all the work and provide all the contents for this site. Because that's what blogging is all about in the long run---an outlet for one's personal self-expression. If one's words can "speak" and "speak" well then they alone should be adequate enough to carry a whole blogsite completely on their own.

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