Monday, October 17, 2011

Politics should be done sparingly

I'm getting sick of all the political telephone messages cluttering up the space on my answering machine.

Why are there so many election periods anyway?
Why don't they just have ALL elections once every four years as they do the main presidential ones?
We don't even just have "election years" anymore. We have "election periods".
It's not bad enough, they figure, to just have an-election-a-year---they now have "mid-year" and "mid-term" elections---like, elections in-between other elections (talk about "changing horses in the middle of a stream").
If you hate politics like I do, you stand to "never get any relief".

And they almost always involve undoing issues that were approved of just a few months earlier.
What's with all this "changing all the rules every five months" nonsense?

You don't suppose it might be because the legislation they keep offering up and approving is usually pretty worthless stuff?  A bunch of crap so unworkable and unrealistic that the flaws in them start showing up, like, maybe two weeks after being approved by the local and regional legislatures?
So, as soon as one new rule is enacted you have all these disgruntled "other groups" campaigning to undo it---maybe due to it's disruptive nature.

Would it be too much to ask of these idiots-in-charge to, maybe, come up with a rule or regulation that's actually worth-it's-salt?
A rule, an ordinance, which is comprehensive and comprises enough all-inclusive equilibrium that it can stand on it's own merit even ten years down the road without the necessity for any kind of amendments within.

Of course politicians have this OCD "power-and-control obsessive" disorder, in which they have a constant need for controlling things and other people's lives.
They need any excuse to hog the media spotlight as well as "get in everyone's faces"---and the only way they can accomplish this is by creating "issues".  To make it look like they have "just cause" for creating a stir.
And the crappier the rules they come up with---the more said rules created discord and dysfunction as opposed to actually solving any problems, the better the excuses they have for further jacking with the system. And with our private lives as well.

All some of us want is for these clowns to simply---once and for all---come up with a formula which will actually SOLVE the problems which get-in-our-way and prevent us from being able to just live-our-lives.
Rules and laws meritable and sensible enough to be worthy of keeping on the books indefinitely because they address the "human factors" and respect common sense and the ethos of functionality and practicality.

But---what do we get instead? Politics!
And with it blowhard politicians, radicals, and annoying telephone calls cluttering up space on my answering machine
...and all those annoying fliers being left on my screen door handle.

I hate politics!

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