Thursday, October 6, 2011

AZN Television

Am I the only one who misses the cable TV channel AZN? "The Network For Asia-America" as they called it.
...although I watched it (part-time) myself (and I'm a middle-age white male).

Some of the things I appreciated about it:
It was had a tight format;
It was very punctual---none of this "running five minutes over" or "starting five minutes early" nonsense that seems to be the modern-day norm for most of the other cable TV networks...when a program started at, say, 10:00 P.M., it started at just that: 10:00 P.M.;
Exposure to the type of commercial television programs which typified what was in vogue in some of the various countries comprising the Asian continent. With the courteous addition of subtitles it felt sort of like I was "being let in on a few trade secrets", as it's normally hard to establish any intimate ties with those of different backgrounds, being that everyone tends to be more-or-less loyal to one's own subculture, teachings, and beliefs, not really feeling "safe" in sharing such with those outside the realm of their "communities". Hence, there's always that element of "divisiveness" and "unknowing".

One thing about AZN that I found surprising: their broadcasts were always in mono---even though just about everything they programmed was recorded in stereo they themselves transmitted in mono.
Another thing about AZN:  they didn't really have a very big budget to operate on. They were kind of "small-time" operatives.  Of course this could explain why their primary source of revenue seemed to be all those cheesy infomercials.
I can attest to the fact that TIME-WARNER CABLE (on which I recieved AZN) didn't exactly hold AZN in highest esteem.  I always remembered the reception being really fuzzy---with considerable "drop-outs" during the period of 2003 through about mid-2006.  Later on there would periods where AZN "locked up" (both picture and sound) rendering the cable channel virtually unwatchable.  I'm sure this was probably a "TIME-WARNER thing"---but such irreverence on the part of major carriers might have also accounted (in part) for the "special-interest" cable channels eventual demise. 

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