Monday, October 24, 2011

More musings

A return to the definition of the word "respect":
While "reverence" means adulation of someone considered to be a "saving grace" or, maybe, a "gift from God" of sorts, "respect" is a little different:
One might say that a TRUE definition of "respect" is when you treat that other person like they're "part of the plan"---that is, like they're an integral part of everything else, an asset to those around them, like their coexistence enhances all around them.
Likewise, a definition of "disrespect" (or "disregard") is when you treat another person like they're "in-the-way"---either interfering with, or detrimental to, all around them. Either like they're an obstacle, a nuisance, or maybe even a threat somehow.

Speaking of social status issues, it's often been said that there are basically two types of people:
those who are allowed to enjoy life---and those who have to "carry the piss-buckets around" for everyone else.
A simple examination of one's own personal life can render the answer to which category you fit into.

Pride---what is it?
Someone once said that "being proud" is essentially having the demeanor of one who's never been beat up or locked up for doing anything wrong.
Being able (or willing) to behave like someone who's used to believing they're "never wrong".
Like one who's never had to answer to anyone for anything, thus they're able to be completely oblivious to any occasions in which they either are mistaken---or just plain unscrupulous, but since they're so sure of themselves they're able to rationalize and "justify" their words and/or behaviors.

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